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It's Not a Miracle - It's America

JiminGA Wrote: Apr 20, 2013 8:42 AM
The current equity market is based on myths. Remember when a stock price flexed based on a company's performance? Remember when a company's EPS was evaluated on a comparison to LY instead of "expectations". And here we are at an all time market high with trading volume at 20% of past norms. Trading volume that mostly consists of HFT action by the TBTF banks. And I use "banks" as a euphemism because they now make their money trading, not banking. And they do it with free money from the Fed. The equity market in America is completely disconnected from fundamentals and exists only to make money for the "banks". And when they stumble, they use accounting gimmicks to "fix" the problems, as JPM did when reversing $1.1 billion in reserves.
Frank130 Wrote: Apr 20, 2013 8:58 AM
Yep, if the government regulatory agencies had any ethics, they would investigate & stop the High Frequency Trading (HFT) by the big banks who now can easily manipulate markets. Do not put your trust in stocks, bonds, bank accounts or US Dollars. Exchange them for real money (PHYSICAL gold & silver you can hold in your hand & store safely... NOT in a bank safety deposit box) & buy more "on the dips" in the price of gold & silver as they occur. Just "cost averaging" is also good.

The Mughal's nature is such that they demand miracles, but if a miracle were to be performed by some upright follower of our religion, they would say that it had been brought about by magic and sorcery.

They would strike him down with spears or would stone him to death.
Antonio Monserrate

The stock market continues to endure its toughest week of the year with intermittent flashes of resolve, even as the economic backdrop is proving too difficult sledding. When a rally is as hated as this one has been any signs of weakness...