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It’s About Trust, Not Amnesty

JiminGA Wrote: Apr 20, 2013 9:03 AM
This is deja vu. When we last "fixed" the system we got amnsty and a promise to close the border, and all we got was amnesty. This bill enables amnesty with no provision for enforcement or closing the border. On both the left and right the purpose of this bill is to create new voters, plain and simple, while ignoring the enormous economic impact and causing a flood of new illegals. But then, why would we expect any new major legislation to benefit anyone but DC politicians?

Congressman Steve King from my home state isn't bashful about saying the “gang of 8” immigration plan unveiled in the U.S. Senate this week amounts to "rewarding lawbreakers." Perhaps that's only fitting, because lawbreaking has traditionally been associated with gangs.

I spent about 30 minutes this week doing an interview with NPR's "All Things Considered” wanting to know why so many conservatives like King are skeptical of Marco Rubio and his cohorts’ plan. I told NPR this isn't about amnesty as much as it’s about trust.

I am convinced after writing numerous columns on the subject for various national...