Previous 11 - 20 Next racism is at the root of a black guy getting shot by a cop after shoplifting from a C-store and resisting the cop. And racism is the cause of the majority of black births of kids without fathers. And racism causes riots and looting before the facts of the event are known. And racism causes gangs in the ghetto, gangs full of kids raised in the wild with little supervision. This article is nothing but a liberal rant pointing out facts without any context on the facts. A true waste of bandwidth.
The Department of Injustice only cares about prosecuting those opposed to the administration and they surely looked at the attack on you and your family as a service provided to them.
His lips were moving then and now. The liar-in-chief just can't help himself.
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Seriously, What Is John Kerry Doing?

JiminGA Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 9:56 AM
Q: Seriously, What Is John Kerry Doing? A: Like the rest of us, he has no idea. And is led by a POTDP* that couldn't find a clue at a clue convention. * President of The Democrat Party
If The Supreme Leader is successful in this effort he will have given US companies the best reasons to leave the US altogether. Just like gun makers are leaving unfriendly states, corporations leave unfriendly countries. But then The Supreme Leader never took Econ 101.
Follow this advice at your own peril. Before the crash, daily trading volume on Dow stocks was about 500 million shares. Since then the average has been about 100 million shares. during the last week when the Dow soared to new highs the average has fallen to about 50 million shares. Who's trading? The TBTF banks are using free money from the Fed trading with eachother using HFT, and the little guy has no chance to compete. Morici used to espouse conservative principles but seems to have become a market pumper like the rest. The bubbles in stocks, housing, auto loans, etc. are re-inflating as sub-prime lending explodes. The next crash will be worse than the last.
The prophecy of "Atlas Shrugged" becomes more real every day in Amerika, where elected officials violate their oaths as a matter of course.
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

JiminGA Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 8:32 AM
The self appointed spokesperson for the GOP establishment speaks. Those who favor following election laws and conservative policies yawn. But then, there are books to be sold, right?
I always wait for Lauper to speak on anything before forming my own opinion. After all, hers is always a balanced appraisal of social, domestic and foreign policy.
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The 1911 Pistol

JiminGA Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 3:50 PM
Good article. Soldiers have long complained the 9MM has inadequate stopping power, particularly in situations where the enemy is wearing lots of clothing or a vest. Hopefully, re-adopting the 1911 will correct that problem. It's also a good sidearm for LEO's, carried on an equipment belt. But not so much for civilian concealed carry. It's very big and very heavy, which is why polymer frame models are so popular. I carry a 12 year old Gen3 Glock's also big and fairly heavy with a 17 round mag but I'm 6'-5" and 225 lbs. The 1911 also has lots of edges and possible drawing snags that lessen its appeal as a CC weapon. The author says the military won't consider a "plastic" gun but 65% of LEO's might disagree. Me too. My old Glock has run 1,000's of rounds and other than some holster wear at the muzzle still looks and operates like new. And now that many Glocks are made in the USA they should be considered. A small correction to the article which says the Barettas are Italian. Yes, Baretta is an Italian company (the oldest firearms maker in the world) but the military 9's are made in Accocreek, MD.
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U.S. Economy Poised for Stronger Growth

JiminGA Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 8:36 AM
Did the Obama administration hijack Morici's column? Or has pot become legal in MD? 1. Record low labor participation rate 2. Declining wages 3. Record student loan debt 4. Exploding sub-prime lending in credit cards and autos 5. Home sales above $750K growing, middle class sales collapsing 6. Exploding energy and food prices Peter, I'm looking for investors for my new unicorn ranch. How about getting in on the ground floor?
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