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Doublespeak is the Left's Department of Religion

JimH in CA Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 6:41 AM
Nothing neuters a work of literature so much as incorporating it into the curriculum of the public schools. That's why liberals can throw Orwell at anyone - even though they read it in school, the c-grade lit. teacher certainly didn't teach the text. The root of many of our societal problems starts in the public school system. We are supposed to be a free nation, yet we train our children in soft prisons run by pedophiles, union thugs, and the less-than-bright. Wake up America!

It has always saddened me that the Left is consistently able to appropriate the good literature and artwork for  its own ends. Case in point: George Orwell who once embraced Communism, only to become disillusioned and go on to write “Animal Farm” and “1984”. Ironically, the very group that invokes the name of Orwell when citing examples of alleged evil conservative intent seems to be rife with the same disturbing traits Orwell decried.

As anyone who sat through a high school literature class should theoretically be able to tell you, “1984” introduced the word “doublespeak” to the English language. Doublespeak,...

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