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Maybe Cosby didn't like his kids driving since his son Ennis was murdered while driving in L.A.?
Republicans have not put out a coherent message - look at Shamnesty - we don't want it but the Republican elite does. If Republicans lose it will be because of Republican leadership, not the base. What needs to happen is that the party needs to follow the base, not the other way around. Until that happens they will lose.
I have seen this posted almost word for word in other fora recently. I can only assume this is a coordinated effort to provide muslim spin.
Send him back.
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What the Pope's Really Saying

JimH in CA Wrote: Dec 07, 2013 7:49 AM
How many times do his defenders have to explain what the Pope "really meant" before they realize he has a problem...or before he realizes he isn't just a local bishop in Argentina any more?
WHen I hear the term "redskins" today the only thing it connotes is this particular football team. The term is not used at all, by anyone, to refer to american indians (oops, I meant native americans, er, first nations, I mean those casino owners).
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