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The 20 Best Quotes from CPAC 2013

jimbo999 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 11:06 AM
I think the definition of a dictator is someone who takes over the government, does the work of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, wins every election by voter fraud, spends money like it all belongs to him, makes friends with other dictators who are trying to take over your country.................... Yes, as a matter of fact, he sure looks like a dictator to me.
20) “I was told I got 10 measly minutes, but just in case, I brought 13 hours worth of material.” -- Rand Paul

19) “American Journalism is dead… They have behaved like hockey goalies in front of Barack Obama’s net.” -- Roger Noriega

18) “The GOP of old has grown old and moss covered.” -- Rand Paul

17) “If standing for liberty and the Constitution makes you a Wacko Bird, then count me a proud Wacko Bird.” --

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