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States with No Income Tax Grow Faster and Create More Jobs

jimbo999 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 5:33 PM
Do you think that getting the equivalent to a 5th grade education from the state of California gives you the privilege to be taxed to death there. California is past the point of being broke. It's because their government gives free education, free food, free phones, free welfare, free transportation, free everything to people who won't work, and Illegal Aliens who snuck into the state under cover of darkness. It's been said that the money they spend on Illegal aliens is the same amount as their deficit. If they didn't give away free stuff to illegals, they would have a balanced budget.

One of the key ways of controlling state and local tax burdens, according to this map from the Tax Foundation, is to not have an income tax.

But that’s not too surprising. States have just a couple of ways of generating significant tax revenue, so it stands to reason that states without an income tax would have relatively low tax burdens.

Light-blue states have no broad-based income tax

The more important question is whether this approach leads to better economic performance. The evidence is pretty clear that zero-income-tax states grow...