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The taxpayers of North Carolina are his employers. They are prevented by the US Constitution from violating his Civil Rights. Those taxpayers would be justified in firing the Administrators of the University if they violate the Civil Rights of Professor Adams. The big difference here is that Professor Adams merely exercised his right to speak his mind. The Administration tried to prevent that from happening, hence the successful court case. Mike has the right to speak, they don't have a right to prevent it.
There is no other way to put this: The guy is a pig! He needs to be visited by The police from South Carolina, Ann Coulter's family, and the FBI for his insane threats against those three good people. Advocating rape, forcible marriage, and the murder of a US Senator, are all serious crimes carrying penalties of Life in Prison and possibly execution. I wonder if this psychopath owns any guns. .
This guy looks in a mirror every morning and sees himself and he can't figure out what gender he is, and he wants to be elected to the Congress to decide what's best for the rest of us?
They already have the same rights that normal people have. He can marry a woman just like I did. And his sister can marry a man. That's equality. His marrying a man, and his sister marrying a woman, is called a special right, something out of the ordinary. That requires a special law to be passed to make the perversion legal.
Did I need to read the whole article then watch over a minute into the video to see that this weirdo is "married" to a guy, and he doesn't belong in New York State. He is a rich carpetbagger like Hillary Clinton and Robert F. Kennedy who also moved to New York to get elected to the Senate or the House. People of New York. Don't elect this pervert, and don't let him use his boyfriend's money to buy an election. You need to elect someone who represents the people of the district. He is not "married" to his "husband". He can say that all he wants, but just because he calls himself something doesn't make it real. If you move into a garage, you are not a Chevrolet.
Sargeant Schultz-Kerry...I know nNothink!
Are you actually saying that female voters want to be represented by low IQ women who don't have a clue what's going on and lie to get elected?
Oh, I see, It's all Bush's fault. Why didn't we think of that earlier.
I agree with you wholeheartedly. Close all VA hospitals. Send the veterans to other hospitals. Pay the hospitals for their medical care. Private hospitals can do the work for a lot less than the VA and the extra income will help to make the private hospitals profitable again. Also the people in private hospitals care about the patients. The VA workers are like the people in the Auto Registries. Collect a paycheck, insult people, go home to their homes, return the next day to do the same, then do that until you can retire at 50 years of age, and go to the Caribbean.
Who is really the "boss" of all of these organizations? Who is really "setting the tone"? Here's a hint, it starts with an O and ends with bama. Shinseki and all the others only do what Obama tells them to do, and it all trickles down the chain of command, all the way down to the clerk in a basement office somewhere who is told to falsify the records "because that's what Obama wants." Nobody gets to think for himself in this administration. .
When you have all those Alphabet organizations in the government like the FBI, DEA, VA, CIA, etc. etc. etc. being run by incompetent boobs, doesn't that tell you something, like maybe it's time to go after the incompetent boob in chief who appointed all of them. If a farmer puts a rotten apple on the top of every bushel of apples, and they all spoil, maybe the rotten apples are not to blame. Maybe the farmer is causing it, and should take the blame. .
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