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Not this voter in Massachusetts. If we had term limits, he would have served his two terms or whatever, then he would have retired to his mansion, to spend his father's ill-gotten money. Massachusetts is a unique place where Republicans are really Democrats, and Democrats are really Socialists. People in Massachusetts are conditioned by years of dependence on the government to run their lives, so they almost always vote for the guy with a D next his name. It is so pervasive that they can ridicule anything if they don't feel it is a Democrat idea. Heck! They even elected Granny Warren to the Senate, after they found out that she cheated to get into college and got a professorship at Harvard by checking the "minority" box on all the forms, and writing in "Cherokee". She is neither a minority nor a Cherokee...but she is a flaming left winger. .
Or when they finally get a job and see 40% of their paycheck disappear every payday.
Good one!
He was elected by his expanded constituency. The left-wing base. The Black people. Low information voters. Dead people. Cartoon characters. Family pets. Illegal immigrants. With the last 4, they can come up with as many votes as it takes. That's the only reason the Dems don't want Voter ID. Those 4 groups of "voters" don't have an ID. .
If Elections worked as working term limits, we would not have had Ted Kennedy in the Senate for 40 years.
How do you propose fixing the main problem of the consumption tax? You make money for the last 10 years and pay income taxes on it. When you have enough to buy that big ticket item you saved up for, you get to pay the tax again. Even though you say that it replaces the Income tax, you will have been taxed twice on that income. Rest assured that we will be just like Canada, which put in a GST, which is a national sales tax, But they didn't lose the income tax. Middle class people in Canada pay between 40 and 60% in income tax, and then they get taxed again when they buy something. They have the high taxes to pay for their "free" Health Care system which causes thousands of Canadians to die every year while they wait to see a doctor, sometimes for 6 to 8 months. In some cities in Canada, the sales tax approaches 100% because of the National sales tax, the Provincial sales tax and the city sales tax. Subway's jingle that sings "Five Dollar Footlong" here, is "Nine Dollar Footlong " in Canada. That's what we will have here in the next 2 years unless the Congress gets busy. Obama can make us just like Canada with his pen and his phone. .
If there were more jobs, maybe we could go get one.
This sounds an awful lot like extortion to me. "Give me money or I will shut down my department." Get the federal employees to pay what they owe, first! Just because this goof ball isn't doing his job, doesn't mean that we have to give him more money. It actually means that he should be fired.
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Why Are There No Lefties on Talk Radio?

jimbo999 Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 9:34 AM
Lefties by nature cannot tell the truth about anything. When they are challenged about something they said, they attack the caller, and hang up the phone. Rush Limbaugh lets the goofy left callers, talk all they want, because they are so looney, people find them entertaining, and you can tell that they have formed the wrong opinions based on false "facts". Give them enough rope and they hang themselves.
Those Movie Stars played scientists in a movie once. Doesn't that make them experts?
Al Gore's pseudoscience has only one final make Al Gore a MultiBillionaire. This is a guy who flunked out of 2 colleges. And people want to listen to his ideas about science, and ridicule real scientists?
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