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Why Obama Misfired on Gun Control

Jim88 Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 8:17 AM
First if Obama is wants it, disapprove it. Second in this case the 2nd Amendment and our constiution can only be changed through the amendment process, some thing the Progressives and their Socialist coattails hate to bring up because each time they do that also fails. So bottom line all gun control legislation so far passed and is law is unconstitutional and should be repealed by congress; will they do it, NO becasue there is a lack of leadership, and a dedication to their oaths of office.
Truckman Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 6:23 PM
And they'll cling to that Unconstitutional Legislation as long as they can bully the Courts and Law Enforcement into believing it IS Constitutional.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted 54-46 to defeat an amendment that would have required broader background checks on gun purchases. The amendment, sponsored by Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and pushed by the White House and its supporters, was the last hope for any kind of gun control bill in this Congress, and probably for President Obama’s presidency.

In the lead up to the vote, the president enlisted all kinds of help for his gun control efforts: Vice President Biden, recent opinion polls on the subject, and even, most gallingly, the parents...