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What Is Liberalism?

Jim88 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:08 AM
Sociology is a form off indoctrination today, when first taught it was a means to teach differences in ideologies not promote one over the other. Today in Obama's case and the Progressives' case it is all about indoctrination of the masses, and the sooner they get started the better for their movements.
Kevin 354 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:43 AM
As a libertarian federalist sociologist and economist, I would say that Conservatives and Liberals are equally progressive based on the evidence of the history of American Political Economics and its love affair with redistributionism. Financers of big government, big taxers, big spenders, are capitalists which do not promote literacy at all in economics, or sociology.
Alex_P Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 4:26 PM
Please do not replace "republicans" with "conservatives".
Or please provide examples where conservatives championed big government, big tax, redistributionism etc.
President Obama is said to have made the case for a liberal public policy agenda in his State of the Union speech the other night. But what is liberalism?

The conventional view is that liberalism is an ideology. In fact it is a sociology.

An ideology is a set of ideas that cohere. Socialism is an ideology. So is libertarianism. Suppose I told you that socialists believe the government should nationalize the steel industry and the auto industry. You would have no difficulty inferring what their position is on nationalizing the airline industry. Right? Suppose I told you that libertarians...