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In "Remaking the GOP," Don't Throw the Baby out With the Bathwater

Jim88 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 9:51 AM
Lets member, the original party was the Republican Democratic Party. Republican because we are a Constitutional Republic, and Democratic because the Democrats wanted influence to be a Democratic government. The two spilt for obvious reasons the Republicans want to adhere to our Constitution and its founding principles; the Democrats want a more Democrative style goverment which our Constitution does not support; and the reason our founding father chose a Constitutional Republic was it could endure where other forms of governments come and go on a regular basis because of their style of government. Our Founding Fathers were not a stupid bunch, and after 235 years of proof all we have to do is fight back and dethrone the Progressives.
For most in the political commentary business, labels come and go. I've read reactions to columns throwing about labels like "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) and "Establishment," coupled with others using terms like "radical," "ultraconservative" and "Neanderthal." Now, as likely most Republicans are all too aware, the media are making a great effort to not only paint the GOP as a hopeless cause, but one in which entities are being formed to launch, or are already underway with, an all out assault on the "tea party" and the most conservative wing of the party.

But it is critical for conservatives and...