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Congress Needs to Develop an Oversight Backbone

Jim88 Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 10:44 AM
How about a novel idea, live up to their oaths of office each took before they were seated in congress; or is it really just and exercise they have to go through and it really means nothing in the overall scheme of things? I believe the latter.

Earlier this month, Forbes columnist and respected conservative commentator Ralph Benko penned an article calling for a “national conversation” following the Department of Homeland Security’s purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As Benko notes, this is enough ammunition to sustain a decades-long war -- not overseas, but here on American soil. Although the notion the government would use this ammo to wage a war against American citizens may be far-fetched, Benko is spot on about one thing: The Obama administration should, at the very least, be forced to explain why such a massive ammunition purchase is needed; especially at...