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Remember the Bay Bridge mess well. I left San Diego in February 1991, after 36 years, and moved to the Bay Area, I retired again in June 1995 and moved out of CA; like a previous blogger said, I only miss the sun shine in addition to my still living friends, most of my friends in CA are now dead from age and drinking too much. Didn't do drugs we have enough problems with alcohol. We still have children living there and someday they will understand what drove us out. The article above is a good example but not the only one by any stretch of the imagination. Bad politics (if there are any good politics), bad government, corruption at all levels and taxation at all levels are the driving force for emigration from CA. See who is flocking to CA as opposed to leaving CA and you have yet another answer for not going there.
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Fighting Without Silver Bullets

Jim88 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 9:18 AM
The only successful end to this conflict is for Israel to take Gaza back, re-occupy it, govern it, and take it back into the state of Israel. Hamas should be driven into the sea, their leader captured and tried for the atrocities they heaped upon their Palestinian people who they allude to protect from the violent Israelites who started this conflict by shelling Gaza and the peace loving Hamas inhabitants of Gaza.
Obama's Arab Spring did not go well for him or his Islamic agenda so supporting Hamas is his line of defense as Libya unravels before his eyes today, and Egypt unraveled months ago; Iraq is unraveling but in his favor since his jihadists are taking control there, and Afghanistan is already a Taliban empire waiting to reshape itself. Israel needs to drive to the sea in Gaza, reoccupy and setup a Israeli Colony since it is right next door and easily maintained and protected from outsiders.
Once learned it becomes a life style according to the Obama doctrine, we keep them down on the farm therefore we control them, much like the plantations of old, but now the new federal plantation.
The wars in Afghanistan what have they ever achieved for the people of Afghanistan? Nothing will ever overcome tribal rule which is provincial and territorial since the beginning of time. The US, Russia, and whoever else tried to intervene in that countries affairs has gone home with its tail between their legs at the expense of thousands of lives uselessly spent because the Military Industrial Complex ordain the conflict to fatten their coffers as they run low on cash. All are cannon fodder MIC and their financiers.
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An Open Letter to the Political Right

Jim88 Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 9:24 AM
Simply put its the RINOs in the party that give it a bad name in the eyes of the most.
Part of Obama's dumbing down the military, the same way he is attempting dumb down the United States of America; that is why has purged over 200 high ranking officers and non-coms for the services over the last six years because they answered his query wrong on would you fire on American citizens, if they said no they were removed from active duty.
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Is the President Incompetent or Lawless?

Jim88 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 11:08 AM
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Obama and the Road Not Taken

Jim88 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 11:07 AM
How could anyone expect Obama to take any other road than the one the Marxist agenda lays out for him? Born a Marist, educated as a Marxist and now destroying our Constitutional Republic as an avowed Marxist, in addition to be our first elected alien president because the Progressives and its coattail groups finally had brainwashed the inhabitants of the United States of America in to believing their ideology over the last 80 plus years. Lois Learner is worried about the GOP and Tea Party right wing nuts when in fact the real terrorists in our nation are the Progressives because they work from within government both state and federal to destroy our Republic and create a democracy without ever going through the amendment process which they hate because they never get any traction through that process. I'm done!
Boehner is nothing more that an RINO Obama troll.
So if they agree Obama does not get it why are they still wringing their collective hands when the sky is falling?
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