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Americans Run Towards the Fire

Jim88 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 9:25 AM
Here, my opinion, is the problem we as a nation face. Since the 1930s the Communist Party has been slowly and methodically infiltrating all levels of government in the USA. It started in Hawaii in the west, and in New York on the east coast and permeated from there. Communisim in our nation today is the number one issue, and all these other issues are to distract the attention away from their take over of our governments locally, states, and federal, make no mistake in their intent on taking us over without firing a shot is very real, in my estimation they now own the DNC and 80% of the RNC; if this nation as a people do not wake up and reverse their actions now we will be the New United Socialist States of America in a very few years.

The smoke and flame had not even dissipated before it was crystal clear that the terrorists had lost again. There was the flash, the boom, then a few brief moments to get their bearings before, almost as one, Americans began running toward the fire.

It wasn’t just the cops and the soldiers. It was spectators, bystanders, even runners themselves who seconds before had been struggling to cross the finish line after 26 brutal miles. In one terrible moment that shredded bodies and lives, they went from being ordinary Americans to something extraordinary.

Scratch that – “extraordinary” is...

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