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I remember again why I never watch CNN. Another quacker commenting on something he is clueless about.
This should prove interesting. The new chairman is a much bigger bull dogger than Issa can ever be.
The word processing program here suck.
After years so far of Obama and his progressive agenda what an any self-respecting Democrat be thinking about moving farther to the left? They need to maybe think abut someone actually right of center before the nation is destroyed. Hillary has no moral compass and never has had one. Her involvement in Benghazi is a stark display of that and her lack f leadership. She has stayed in a political marriage with one of he biggest scumbags in this country. Hiawatha Warren is a joke and a known liar. Bernie Sanders quacks when he walks. If these folks are the only "gem" the Dems have then they have big problems after Obama finishes his destruction.
Are there really areas of this country where there are enough low information voters to elect an idiot like Ms. Speirer?
We have a serious problem obviously with a brain dead Democratic Party and a pack of RINO's. RINO's are Dem Lites. The whole federal government is now so corrupt that we could fill a few prisons with the leeches who have become professional blood suckers. Lets start at the top and work our way down.
There should now be no surprise on anyone's part why Cummings is so incensed about this investigation going forward. He got caught with his own hand in the corrupt cookie jar and needs to now be censured for his own actions and denials.
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Obama "Hope" Artist has a New Word in Mind

Jim85 Wrote: Sep 30, 2013 11:44 AM
I'd try out IMPEACHMENT?
Or the endless string of constant screw-ups....
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3 Things for Obama to Do on Vacation

Jim85 Wrote: Sep 02, 2013 6:17 PM
My sentiments exactly.
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