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America Without the 1%

Jim829 Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 8:52 AM
I listen and read the comments of the Obamination and the likes of Michael Moore, John Kerry, Hilliary Clinton and a whole lot of other that keep on crying out that the rich1% are not paying their fair share, etc, etc.... And the OWS and others like them just stand there and believe it. What the OWS crowd and the others who listen to the O and the others do seem to grasp is the the Obamnation and the other previously listed are also part of the rich 1%. The O is worth a few million and Kerry is worth about $400 million and Michael Moore is around $40 million. Michael Moore has a nice 5,000 square foot located on Torch Lake here in Michigan. However, if you go on his property you will be arrested for tresspassing.

In Obama’s perfect utopian world everyone would be equal.  No matter how much success you have achieved or how much hard work you put into that success, ultimately he wants a level playing field.  That isn’t the way it works though.  Not everyone is the same cookie-cutter person; we all have different strengths and weaknesses. 

Everyone has their own God-given talents and abilities.  I marvel at musicians who can play concertos on the piano or violin, I cheer for the athletes on the playing field doing things I could never do in my wildest dreams, and...