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I never ceased to be amazed and how easily this administration lies to the American people. It's from top to bottom and everywhere in between. It almost makes you wonder if one of the interview questions might be: "Are you willing to lie to make sure this President accomplishes his mission?". When you have people this zealous, who are willing to compromise ethics for the cause, you really have to wonder how far this went. I'm reminded at how surprised Republicans were when Romney lost because all their polling was wrong, when you see zealots like this, you really have to question how wrong the polling was. How far did this stretch and who is going to expose it?
I disagree on one thing, one party has done things for both Hispanic and black people, the Republican Party and the Democrats try to make it all look like racism. Affirmative Action, Richard Nixon. EEOC, once again Richard Nixon. I'll grant you that both go way beyond the scope Nixon envisioned, but his thought process was to actually deal with the problem. Democrats are all talk. They don't have to DO a thing when they get this percentage of the vote and Republicans don't offer any more because, no matter what they do it isn't right. I don't blame Democrats and I don't blame Republicans, I blame black leadership for allowing themselves to get into this position. #1 on my list is Julian Bond who, as leader of the NAACP, did nothing to bring the Republicans into the equation. In fact, Bond was one of the race baiters all the time, joining Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in that category. Until black people recognize real leadership, they'll remain handcuffed to the Democrats. Sorry for them but don't believe I can do anything about it.
Can anyone tell me why this isn't a national scandal? If this were Bush or any other Republican the vacant media would have it on the front page and lead story. I'm really sick of the lying progressives and their media wing. Where are the Republicans? Why aren't they hammering Levin and Cummings every single day? You have to know, if the shoe were reversed, the it was Cruz and Issa the Democrats would be out there every day, on every outlet, hammering them.
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Liberal Racism

Jim762 Wrote: May 04, 2014 9:56 PM
As long as black people fall for this ploy by the Democrats they will always be beholden to them for any advances they make. The people who disturb me the most are the black leaders. They have thrown all their eggs in the Democrats basket and, despite the fact they've gotten little in return, they keep doing it. That can only mean they've got theirs so the heck with all those other black folk.
It's no wonder Joe Klein and Jeff Greenfield say the only reliable news on at 6:00 o'clock is Fox New with Bret Baer. I wonder if the MSM is willing to squander, what little credibility they have left, on this turkey. TO me, there are 2 things that are really important. One, the Administration has never corrected the record on this. Secondly, the Democrats have circled the wagons. Do you really want to be seen circling the wagons when the record hasn't been corrected, an American Ambassador has been murdered, and 3 others killed along with him? Do you really want to be seen protecting an administration that everyone in the country knows has lied, and you've had the death of a U.S. Ambassador, the first in 35 years?
The fact is, first he said that which allowed the Democrats and the press to talk about the Republicans doing everything they can to destroy the Obama Presidency. Secondly, and more important, Obama is a 2 term President so how did that work for him. After the Republicans took back the House, in 2010, what did McConnell do? Between him and Boehner, they accomplished very little.
The fact is that, neither Boehner nor McConnell, are leaders. If they were, they would have been able to work together on the government shutdown, he could have forced Reid to bring bills to the floor, and he would have fought harder to get budgets out of the Senate. Many of the bills you point out he voted for, didn't become law. It's pretty easy to say you were for something that had to effect on people's lives. The House and the Senate need new leadership so, even if McConnell is re-elected, I hope the Republicans safe smart enough to get someone like Mike Lee to become the majority leader.
We may not be officially a banana republic, but we're not far from it. The tax agency goes after opponents of the President, the person responsible for it refuses to testify, the "justice" department refuses to investigate and we're left watching as they try to run out the clock so they can do this again in the 2014 election. The press, that's designed to protect us from this stuff, is complicit in allowing this to carry on. The Democrats, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, don't care as long as it's their guy in the White House. Who is there for the American people. Certainly not the monkeys with the bananas.
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Progressives’ Rules Of Outrage

Jim762 Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 3:16 PM
First, this is nothing new. We still have Republicans going on CNN and MSNBC. Why? I wouldn't go on either of those networks and I'd toss in NBC just for the fun of it. After what Candy Crowley did to Romney, we're still sending people on there to get beat up in a two against one. As far as MSNBC goes, I shouldn't even have to explain that, but the Republicans are just anxious to go along to get along and hope they can say a word or a phrase that rings a bell with these people and they say, "Oh the Republicans really are nice." Well I've got news for them, ain't gonna happen. The vast majority of the media are in bed with the Democrats and you might as well get used to it. Pick the networks you're willing to go on and who you're willing to go on with. The Democrats have been allowed to do this with Fox News. They've been trying to call Fox a non-news network for years and many Democrats won't go on there. They get away with this stuff and I'm sure, if the Republicans had a media strategy, they could also.
First of all, I'm from Western Massachusetts (another country compared to the Boston area) and am proud of Calvin Coolidge. If Hoover had been more conservative, we wouldn't have had to suffer through Roosevelt in the 30's. Instead Hoover made a lot of wrong moves and we ended up with Roosevelt whose policies were only saved by WWII. All of that is a subject that can be debated at a later time. This thread is about Coolidge and, I'm sure, had he not said, "I do not choose to run." in 1928, our country would have been better off, not only then, but today.
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