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The fact is, first he said that which allowed the Democrats and the press to talk about the Republicans doing everything they can to destroy the Obama Presidency. Secondly, and more important, Obama is a 2 term President so how did that work for him. After the Republicans took back the House, in 2010, what did McConnell do? Between him and Boehner, they accomplished very little.
The fact is that, neither Boehner nor McConnell, are leaders. If they were, they would have been able to work together on the government shutdown, he could have forced Reid to bring bills to the floor, and he would have fought harder to get budgets out of the Senate. Many of the bills you point out he voted for, didn't become law. It's pretty easy to say you were for something that had to effect on people's lives. The House and the Senate need new leadership so, even if McConnell is re-elected, I hope the Republicans safe smart enough to get someone like Mike Lee to become the majority leader.
We may not be officially a banana republic, but we're not far from it. The tax agency goes after opponents of the President, the person responsible for it refuses to testify, the "justice" department refuses to investigate and we're left watching as they try to run out the clock so they can do this again in the 2014 election. The press, that's designed to protect us from this stuff, is complicit in allowing this to carry on. The Democrats, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, don't care as long as it's their guy in the White House. Who is there for the American people. Certainly not the monkeys with the bananas.
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Progressives’ Rules Of Outrage

Jim762 Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 3:16 PM
First, this is nothing new. We still have Republicans going on CNN and MSNBC. Why? I wouldn't go on either of those networks and I'd toss in NBC just for the fun of it. After what Candy Crowley did to Romney, we're still sending people on there to get beat up in a two against one. As far as MSNBC goes, I shouldn't even have to explain that, but the Republicans are just anxious to go along to get along and hope they can say a word or a phrase that rings a bell with these people and they say, "Oh the Republicans really are nice." Well I've got news for them, ain't gonna happen. The vast majority of the media are in bed with the Democrats and you might as well get used to it. Pick the networks you're willing to go on and who you're willing to go on with. The Democrats have been allowed to do this with Fox News. They've been trying to call Fox a non-news network for years and many Democrats won't go on there. They get away with this stuff and I'm sure, if the Republicans had a media strategy, they could also.
First of all, I'm from Western Massachusetts (another country compared to the Boston area) and am proud of Calvin Coolidge. If Hoover had been more conservative, we wouldn't have had to suffer through Roosevelt in the 30's. Instead Hoover made a lot of wrong moves and we ended up with Roosevelt whose policies were only saved by WWII. All of that is a subject that can be debated at a later time. This thread is about Coolidge and, I'm sure, had he not said, "I do not choose to run." in 1928, our country would have been better off, not only then, but today.
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An NTEU Connection in the IRS Scandal?

Jim762 Wrote: Aug 08, 2013 11:29 AM
A good start would be to decertify the unions, effective immediately.
W.E.B. DUBOIS is turning over in his grave.
When we were looking, before the election, at the GOP's ability to retake the Senate, it seemed almost impossible for the Democrats to hold. I would say that the action of the IRS played a part in this last election and, if that can be proven, we may have to overhaul the whole system. A good place to start will be to de-certify the union at the IRS and then decertify the remaining government unions, since it appears they do not have the countries interest at heart.
It's not the liberals doing this that bothers me as much as NOW and other liberals women's groups that allow it to happen. Along with them, the MSM (or as Sarah calls them the LSM) who never goes after liberals that do this stuff. There is no better example of the double standard than Conservative women as a whole and Sarah Palin in particular.
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University Could be Defunded Over Sex Week

Jim762 Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 12:02 PM
Someone needs to confront the education community, as a whole, and find out what they believe education is all about. We have kids graduating from high school that can't read. We have kids graduating from the university who don't have the skills to earn a living. If they really believe the purpose of education is to teach kids to move-up a grade and to get a piece of paper that says they're educated, then they're doing a fine job. If the purpose is to actually have educated people with college degrees, they're failing absolutely. If they actually believe there's money in the budget for this stuff, perhaps legislators should cut funding as a message.
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