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Name one who claims to be a member of the Communist party. Wow! former Secretary of State and four star general a traitor!
Oh! Like Theodore Roosevelt.
I was in no way responding to your nonsensical posting as I have previously stated but to rightmostofthetime. How about General Powell?
I was told to never argue with a fool so I won't.
I was going to use marijuana but that may be legal in some places. Again, I was responding specifically to the assertion that rights were absolute. I am not making a weak argument which may be attacked in order to gain an easy victory. I am pointing out the falsity of statements made by others.
The chant of many in the 1960"s and they did not hate god. At least I don't think Martin Luther King did.
Rather judgmental again. Who among you is qualified to sit in judgment?
Wow! Rather judgmental to call them members of the "Communist left" considering one is a sitting Congressman and one is a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff.
I was responding to the posting by rightmostofthetime.
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