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Blacks Can Murder Whites, and It Won’t Make National News

Jim5522 Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 5:46 AM
annfan_777 Wrote: 33 minutes ago (5:09 AM) Still imbibing your liberal kool-aid by the gallon, eh Jim? Afraid to answer the question annfan? It's a simple question. If you were walking home from the store late at night and a strange vehicle started following you ... does that make you the aggressor?
Jay Wye Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 10:33 AM
tell me what "imminent" and CREDIBLE threat of death or great bodily harm has occurred?

using the "reasonable man" standard,of course. DO you know what that is?
Jay Wye Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 10:32 AM
"following" is no crime,nor is it "aggression". the person might just want directions. Same for someone following you. Thus,you stay alert,but do NOT draw your weapon.

You REALLY need to retake your concealed carry course.
Anne_1 Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 6:50 AM
Jim: Stupid, hypothetical question.

If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news.

Yep. Tyrone Woodfork, a black male who -- much like Trayvon Martin -- looks like Obama’s son, allegedly killed Nancy Strait and broke her husband Bob’s jaw, several ribs and shot him in the face with a BB gun last month in Tulsa. 20-year-old Tyrone also raped the nearly blind 97-pound Mrs. Strait, a great-great-grandmother, before he murdered her.

Did the above monstrous crime make the national...