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Slaves to the Government Class

Jim4756 Wrote: May 24, 2012 2:18 PM
this column is exactly why I am fed up with what is going on in this country. if you are, too check out let's get this guy out of there before he totally wrecks the country.
alopekos teumesios Wrote: May 24, 2012 8:12 PM
C'mon. If only the removal of one president could really change things. These issue have been percolating for at least sixty years under the rule of both political parties. The problem is not Obama. It is entrenched statist pigs at all levels who feel that they are "more equal than others."

Over the past year, a lot of people have been talking about “the 1%” versus “the 99%.” But if you’re concerned about one class exploiting another for economic gain, that’s the wrong way to look at the problem.

See an exclusive animation explaining the situation here.

The protesters are right about one thing: there are gross class inequities in America.

There is one class that works more hours per day, more days per year, for more years of their lives. They have less job security, they pay more for health coverage, and their retirements are not guaranteed. Their incomes...