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Right-to-Work Laws Shouldn’t Exist, so Why Am I Happy about What Happened in Michigan?

Jim4440 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 9:24 AM
luke...just how much is my fair share? Privilege has nothing to do with it. Why should you have to pay more than I do? Conversely, why should I have to pay more than you do? Again, I repeat, just how much is my fair share? What I pay should have nothing to do with what I earn. Maybe I have taken more risk than you have, maybe I have more education than you do, maybe I actually work harder than you do. Why should my fair share be different than yours? Are you special? To be truly "fair" and objective, everyone should pay the same. If that was the situation, I'm sure everyone would feel that in their best interest, we need "LESS GOVERNMENT!" Everyone pays the same amount...everyone gets the same benefits. You get the same as I do.