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How true, how true! The folks from these high priced schools are too busy pushing "diversity," just like the nut cases are currently doing in Michigan.
The great illusionist. When do they put her in the white suit and haul her away?
So much for First Amendment Rights! We have none, in the views of dumbocrats. As far as I'm concerned, I'd tell them to go straight to HE!!. Get the HE!! out of my station!
You might have to go to diversity training if you said that. Not PC, you know.
Told to me by a friend who is a West Virginian, "REAL CLASS IN WEST VIRGINIA - TWO CARS UP ON BLOCKS!"
CATBALL. Please start taking you meds again. You have obviously gone completely off your rocker...poor fellow!
obumbles.....NOT, EVEN, Bush league. obumbles is a true misfit. The current occupant of the "Peoples House" doesn't belong, has never belonged, was neither capable, nor QUALIFIED to hold the OFFICE. An absolute traitor on the world stage and to the people of the United States of America.
"America is the greatest country in the world," said obumbles, "help me change it." Obumbles is living his life through the eyes of his father, who hated the United States of America. He is out to destroy us. Believe me, he knows what he is doing, and so far his plan is working very well. He has three more years to accomplish his task, then the progressive, liberal democrats will attempt to elect hillybilly to "finish us off" and complete the task. obumbles should be indicted right now for treason, he is committing tyranny against the people of the US. The liar-in-thief will continue to chip away at our security and our freedom for as long as he is allowed. One little (read: large) catastrophe after another like fast & furious, NSA, James Rosen, Benghazi, obumblescare, otherwise known as the affordable care act. Then, of course, there is IRS, the AP scandal, and many, many more, all but too numerous to mention. But you get the idea. As rahm emanuel said, "never let a serious crisis go to waste." obumbles just keeps the crises coming and coming, one after another. His manufactured crises keep people's attention away from his real motive: DESTRUCTION of the American way of life. He is a very evil person!
Two words describe liberals, including Rhonda and Mike. They would be: DELUSIONARY AND STUPID! And in the case of some, like obumbles, we add the word LIAR!
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