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Obviously, the pilot to whom you refer has no leadership skills. A quality required to be a CAPTAIN! This person, obumBO, will never make it.
Yessiree…..then the state of kalifornia will go broke and ask the taxpayers of the USA to bail them out. Then……we all get stuck for kalifornia's overindulgence in vote buying by the dimocrats. You know…the old axiom, "I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine." In other words, I pay you big salaries and benefits and you vote to keep me in office. In the long run, it certainly ends up being self-defeating. Those of more modest means elect those who will bankrupt them. DETROIT and other parts of Michigan are another great example of totalitarian dimocratic rule. I am not for bailing OUT anybody. You made your bed, lay in it.
WOW! That's a lot of BMW's you own. Not very smart to just keep buying!
Take Ft. Collins, CO…..red light camera at Harmony and Timberline. I was the number three car in the left turn lane to go south on Timberline. The two cars in front of me made the turn, just as I was ready……the light had already turned RED, I was in the process of turning left. I must have broken the barrier, and…..FLASH! Got my picture taken. Nice picture of my car and license plate too. My thoughts were making the air turn blue. ONLY TWO CARS? Give me a break! No consolation from the gestapo in Ft. Collins. Got a ticket, paid it grudgingly, and I don't go to Ft. Collins any more, unless absolutely necessary. Admittedly, a nice town to have dinner, great stores, buy a car, whatever. But if the city guru's are going to be so intent on revenue generation, that they won't let 5 or 6 cars go through a left turn signal, I'M GONE! I'm sure I'll be missed. LOL! NOT!
Saw it this morning……..NY AG demands stores quit selling FAKE GUNS. Amazing….what is happening to our great country? When will sanity again rule?
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Sandy Hook Families Sue AR15 Manufacturer

Jim4440 Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 9:36 AM
And then of course, there are always ice picks, crow bars, hammers, rope manufacturers, farm implements, tractors, airplanes, and the ridiculous list goes on and on. This case should be thrown out as frivolous by the judge, and the lawyers who took the case should be dis-bared. Not to mention, the manufacturer should be reimbursed for the nuisance costs caused by the plaintiffs.
Possibly one that might be more appropriate and certainly more effective, would be the "No Social Security For Illegal Aliens Act."
el mucho bee oh and his frau moochella obumbles would be at the top of my list. They're the most costly couple mooching out off the public trough that I know of. In more ways than one. Whew, just two more years!
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Americans Hate a Loser, GOP

Jim4440 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 10:50 AM
With people voting for obumbles who have been dead for 10, 25, 50 years....is it any doubt the corruption of the dimocrats won out? You know the ones who are afraid of voter ID....the ones who then can't win elections any more without dead people voting and voter corruption. THAT BE THE DIMS! Lets get Voter ID in place for ALL future elections. Americans have to have an ID for everything we do....why not voting? Yea, Bernie, we embrace WINNERS!
I agree with most of those of you who made comments, except the left-wing, wing-nuts who really don't have a clue. However, HOW DO WE REALLY STOP THIS GUY? The Republicans in Congress seem helpless and the dimocrats don't care and give him even more encouragement. The power of the pen and the cell phone need to be curtailed in the next administration....Presidents, or at least this one who would like to call himself a president: obumbles, need to work within the law or face severe consequences. His actions are unconscionable.
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