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There Is A Good Case For Reparations

Jim4136 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 11:23 AM
The Democrat Party timeline of evil:
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The Five Bailey Brothers of World War II

Jim4136 Wrote: May 26, 2014 12:21 PM
My father is a living World War II veteran who saw combat from Normandy until the Battle of the Bulge. He was one of six brothers who served in the war. One of them didn't come back. You can read about my father here: I think the multiple brother thing was rather common in WWII. Families were larger and the sense of obligation was greater.
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Harry Reid's Dementia? No. Deception!

Jim4136 Wrote: May 19, 2014 11:00 AM
Almost four years ago, when he was running for re-election last time and I lived in Nevada, it was obvious that he suffers from dementia: I suspect what happens, with Harry Reid and Gabrielle Giffords and other congresscritters unable to perform their duties, is that staffers who love their salaries and D.C. perks, prop them up and perpetrate a scam on the American public to keep their jobs.
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The Misinformed Case for Voter ID

Jim4136 Wrote: May 15, 2014 11:24 AM
I find it exceedingly odd, Mr. Chapman, that you pretend to be listing the "facts" about voter ID in Wisconsin but fail to mention the rather critical point that the state will provide a free ID to anyone who needs it. So much for the examples you listed. And you also fail to mention the rather critical FACT that none of the examples you list was actually investigated by the anyone - those people testified and they left the courtroom without anyone actually investigating whether they really could not acquire ID. The opponents of voter ID have been known to lie in the past and it is an undeniable FACT that they have trouble finding aggrieved parties for these cases - numerous cases have been dismissed for that exact reason. What does that tell you, when the ACLU is suing but cannot find one single aggrieved party in a whole state? The most telling FACT of all is that one party - the party which historically engages in wholesale election fraud - opposes voter ID and the other party supports it. That's a clue, to anyone who actually thinks about the matter.
Does this surprise anyone? That people involved in education are morons?
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The Real Vote Fraud

Jim4136 Wrote: May 11, 2014 11:43 AM
Amazing. I am always startled by people who claim that voter fraud is rare. I have a web page dedicated to listing the thousands of cases of election fraud ( and it includes cases from each of the states where you insist you couldn't find examples. On the contrary, in every case where the ACLU of someone else sues to overturn Voter ID laws, they cannot find an aggrieved party on whose behalf they can sue. Sometimes they resort to shipping in aggrieved parties from out of state to make their case. Mr. Chapman, I don't know why you wrote this tripe, but you clearly have ulterior motives because your assertion that election fraud is rare is completely and demonstrably false.
Question is, why didn't the other candidates leave also in a show of solidarity?
This professor needs to watch God's Not Dead.
Californians have been escaping the mess in in their home state and slowly but surely ruining their adopted homes in neighboring states with the same crappy ideas that wrecked California. It's sad to watch.
"But what does Iran-Contra have to do with this FX storyline?" You shouldn't be asking that question, Brent. It's a major part of the storyline right now.
If anybody would like to see an 1871 income tax form, here it is:
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