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This professor needs to watch God's Not Dead.
Californians have been escaping the mess in in their home state and slowly but surely ruining their adopted homes in neighboring states with the same crappy ideas that wrecked California. It's sad to watch.
"But what does Iran-Contra have to do with this FX storyline?" You shouldn't be asking that question, Brent. It's a major part of the storyline right now.
If anybody would like to see an 1871 income tax form, here it is: http://www.jpattitude.com/120707.php
Simple English calls your comment into question. "Feral" cattle, by definition, belong to nobody, so how can the feral cattle you describe belong to Mr. Bundy? And I wonder if you understand that there are no fences surrounding this land, so of course cows will wander. That's why there are big yellow signs along the highways announcing to drivers that they are traversing "Open range." (Unlike in normal America, when you hit a cow on the highway it's considered your fault, not the cows.) In once case the BLM cited, a cow got onto a golf course and enjoyed himself. I think a better question than why Mr. Bundy didn't stop the cow from wandering onto a golf course, is why those dumbasses built a golf course adjacent to open range.
I made this argument five years ago: http://www.jpattitude.com/090520.php. I'm glad you and a bunch of others are on board, Mr. Root. You may have been writing tongue in cheek above but I'm serious. The Democrat Party fits all the criteria for a criminal enterprise. If anything, things have gotten worse in the five years since I wrote my column. And oh, by the way, we don't need prosecutors to enforce the RICO statute: the law is written so that private citizens can bring action.
Hey Doug: God's Not Dead is in your local theatre right now. Son of God is, too. Both of them are Biblical rather than pointedly anti-Biblical like Noah. Justify your movie choice all you want but don't say Christians are competing.
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Biblical Bad-Asses: Elijah

Jim4136 Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 12:34 PM
And let's not forget, Jesus was not only a lamb, he was a lion: http://www.jpattitude.com/110910.php
Quick question: did he write a check for $30 million or did he "pledge" $30 million? I've noticed a trend over the last couple decades of super-wealthy liberals "pledging" giant amounts of money - Ted Turner, Bill Gates, etc. - but they don't actually write the check to the cause. Instead, they write the check to a foundation on whose board they sit so they never truly give up the control and power over how that money is spent.
What is it with Ann kissing up to establishment Republicans? It's sad to watch - like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I guess the "facts" have finally cured her of her Chris Christie obsession, but now she's stalking McConnell. Maybe she just has a thing for ugly fat white guys, I don't know. What I do know is McConnell undercut Cruz when Cruz was doing the right thing for the country and FACTS, Ann, have proved Cruz right. How many mistakes does a leader get to make before we replace him?
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