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Climatist Jihad?

Jim3959 Wrote: 21 hours ago (2:41 PM)
Typical climate change liberal behavior: Vilify and try to destroy the reputations of those who disagree with your silly hoax.
Oh yes. Let's let the black thugs run rampant and go after those who try to stop them.
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Susan Rice: Choking on a Gnat

Jim3959 Wrote: 21 hours ago (2:37 PM)
Mr. Blackwell, I disagree. Susan Rice is not choking on a gnat. She is choking on the truth.
And do you know why the White House is in panic mode? Because someone is going to stand before Congress and give the American people the truth for a change.
I will be surprised if there is a presidential election in 2016. Senator Cruz is exactly right.
With Obama as Commander in Chief, I would not want my son or daughter to serve in the military. Instead of the band playing, "Hail to the Chief" it should be playing, "Send in the Clown."
Who would want to waste his time meeting with a bunch of A&&holes who hate your guts and your country?
John Kerry says we are safer than we have ever been. One day, very soon, he and his boss will have to eat their words.
Martin who?
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Dear Mitch

Jim3959 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 5:39 PM
I cannot believe Mitch has rolled over for Harry Reid. The American people wanted Obama and Reid stopped. That's why the GOP won so big in November. Stand up for America, Mitch instead of caving in to Obama.
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