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And Obama yawns, plays golf and attends fundraisers while the world falls apart.
With John Boehner at the helm, there is no doubt that the Republicans will melt. When Nazi Pelosi was replaced by Boehner, I was excited that finally something would get done in Washington. Great disappointment has replaced excited.
Obama will just wipe his rear-end with it.
Ventura didn't have much of a reputation to start with. Now what reputation he did have has gone into the septic tank.
Ah!! At last, some good news.
Planned Parenthood stands right up there with the German death camps.
Bring on the ham, pork chops and bacon. I really don't give a flip is Muslims are offended or not. They offend me.
Nazi Pelosi would have fit right in with the Third Reich.
If it weren't for their hatred, liberals wouldn't have one thing to believe in.
I have no problem whatsoever showing my I.D. when I vote because I abide by the law when voting. If you don't want to show your I.D., you are probably up to something illegal, like voting for your dead grandmother, your dead grandfather, your dead neighbor, etal.
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