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Excellent post!! This country is now in total free-fall.
The blood of these two policemen is on the hands of Al Sharpton.
We can only pray and hope that America will turn around.
I suppose the Farmville school district want the children under their care to learn to rape and behead people.
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Is Liberalism Intellectually Bankrupt?

Jim3959 Wrote: Dec 20, 2014 1:26 PM
Liberalism is a fatal disease that affects everyone.
Obama's legacy is that he was a total, abject, failure. And I agree with Congressman Flores. "Obama could care less".
Donald, the ONLY thing Obama knows how to do is beg, grovel and appease and apologize. He is a shame to this great nation.
Thanks to Obama, our flag doesn't have red or blue in it anymore. It's has become a white surrender flag.
Apparently Michelle Obama knows absolutely nothing about helping her fellow man. What in the world is racist about asking someone to get something off a shelf? Grow up and knock that slavery ship off your shoulder, Michelle.
I guess Sabrina wants to look like a man so she doesn't get raped.
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