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Poll: Cotton Way Up in AR

Jim3959 Wrote: 11 hours ago (6:26 PM)
Ta Ta, Mark.
My goodness woman. He has golf games and fund raisers to attend. He ain't got time for you.
Why are you surprised? After all, Valarie IS the president.
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Satanist Destroys Ten Commandments Monument

Jim3959 Wrote: 11 hours ago (6:19 PM)
He can destroy all the Ten Commandment monuments he wants to. However, the Ten Commandments still stand and that will NOT be destroyed.
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"Shaheen Lost the Debate"

Jim3959 Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 11:49 AM
Big deal!! ALL Democrats are losers.
Hopefully, come the November election, the Democrats will have totally wasted their money. They are morally bankrupt. Let's hope they will become financially bankrupt.
Do you actually think the autopsy results will register with the Ferguson thugs?
What else would you expect out of Shitcago?
Shame on the parents for allowing their little girls to talk gutter trash.
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