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The Winter of Conservative Discontent

Jim3912 Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 7:10 AM
Right on Pat! Yes, "Conservatives" need to substantially sharpen their message....and be consistent about it!! Their is too much "mush" within the ranks! Do McCain and Graham represent mainstream conservatism?? It's no wonder the MSM pander to McCain because he is a perfect foil. What has he really done for the U.S. much less AZ???? Instead of ideological rants and ravings which marginalize the Republican brand, why don't we temper that rhetoric with a calmer approach that appeals more to both reason and emotion? We all need to build America back up instead of allowing ourselves to be torn down from within and foolishly trying to reform the world under the skewed banner of "democracy"! Empires do collapse!!!! We are on that path!!
As the white flag rises above Republican redoubts, offering a surrender on taxes, the mind goes back to what seemed a worse time for conservatives: December 1964.

Barry Goldwater had suffered a defeat not seen since Alf Landon. Republicans held less than one-third of the House and Senate and only 17 governorships. The Warren Court was remaking America.

In the arts, academic and entertainment communities, and national press corps, conservatives were rarely seen or heard. It was Liberalism's Hour, with America awash in misty memories of Camelot and great expectations of the Great Society to come in 1965.

That year, however,...

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