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Is Hagel out of the Mainstream?

Jim3912 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 8:54 AM
Essentially agree with Pat about McCain, the Neocons, et al., in that we should not shy away from negotiations and dialogue with our adversaries. Nor should we lower our guard and readiness! We can "speak softly and carry a big stick" in the manner of Teddy R. As for Hagel, he may be more of a symbol for Obama than a strong SecDef? That would not do justice to the DoD or the country. We will learn more in this regard during the confirmation hearings as we will on just where the country is heading in terms of our foreign policy.
"Chuck Hagel is out of the mainstream of thinking ... on most issues regarding foreign policy," says GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham. Neocon William Kristol concurs: Hagel is "out on the fringes."

But where, exactly, is the mainstream on foreign policy in 2013?

Since the Bush II years, "the three amigos" -- Sens. Graham, John McCain and Joe Lieberman -- have clamored for new wars.

"We are all Georgians now!" thundered McCain when Vladimir Putin was thrashing the Georgians for attacking South Ossetia.

"Bomb, bomb, bomb -- bomb, bomb Iran," trilled McCain in 2008 in parody of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann."...