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Squealing Versus Killing

Jim3645 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 2:55 PM
This fool could get us all killed! Once he is out of office, I believe he will not be able to travel off American soil as every country will have him up on charges for war crimes. Once he leaves these shores he is free game for most of them, and they will have their just deserves.

If you are still listening to those in the political class who are falling over each other to condemn leaks from the government to the media, you'd think the leaks had revealed private information in which the public has no legitimate interest, or perhaps a planned secret government mission to rescue innocents. Neither is the case.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress, most of them from the House and Senate intelligence committees, have blasted the White House for leaking to The New York Times and others the existence of President Obama's secret kill list and his cyber-warfare against Iran. According to...