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The 'We Can't Win' Wimps Caucus

Jim3013 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 10:22 AM
"Here was the recommended Beltway GOP strategy: House Republicans should vote to fund Obamacare in a clean CR. Then exploit the disaster of the rollout to show what a horror it is. This will pump up our polls and improve our field position for 2014. Then we can pick up some seats! Bottom line: Let's vote to impose Obamacare on America and make Democrats pay the price of the calamity we voted to impose. Now there may be a more cynical strategy than deliberately doing permanent damage to your country to help your party. Right now, I just can't think of it." Great article, Pat! There may be a better way of describing what was at the crux of this debacle. Right now, I just can't think of it.
I disagree with this. The Republican Establishment is just as involved with the cronyism and horse trading tactics as the Democrats, which is the real problem. Oh, they may talk conservatism and even vote that way when it doesn't cause too much consternation for their network of lobbyists and campaign bankrollers. But when what is best for the citizenry or even the voters who put them in is at odds with their "power base" who they think they need to keep getting reelected, they turn against "we the people" every time. They must be primaried out by candidates who actually will listen to "we the people." The hard thing about this is that I think a few who run actually intend to do this, but get taken in and turned by the establishment types when they get there. When that happens, they must be primaried out in turn. We must make the power of we the people who actually vote stronger than the power of the monied special interests. It's the only way.
I am opposed to ANY "DEAL" where some businesses, unions, government employees, etc. get delays and exemptions from Obamacare that EVERYONE doesn't get. As a thinking person with more than a basic understanding of economics, of course I understand that "Obamacare" is a disastrous, unworkable train wreck that should be totally thrown out. But if that can't be done under current circumstances, why should other thinking people who know something of economics EVER AGREE with the hodgepodge of delays and exemptions currently in place. That's totally outrageous and unAmerican (as well as undoubtedly unconstitutional for the executive unilaterally to make these changes in the law) even if one ignores the implication of socializing one sixth of the economy. I mean, if Obamacare is so great, why do elected officials and employees of Congress, etc. need exemptions? And actually, if Obamacare is so great, why does there need to be any coersion (fines... er, I mean taxes) to force people to use it? I don't see how Republicans who share the opinions expressed here are being blamed for this mess while these questions aren't being put front and center and being addressed.
Of course it's going to blow up, but it's going to blow up the entire private medical insurance industry with it, which was the plan to begin with. So then what if the Republicans gain complete control in 2016 after the government has been "forced" to take over paying medical benefits to "fill the gap" after private industry stops writing policies, as many of them have already started doing. How would they be able to fully repeal government paid medical care if there is nothing left in the private sector to do the job? This is the reason that Obamacare, ACA, partially socialized medicine, whatever you want to call it must be stopped NOW.
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A Return to Keynes?

Jim3013 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 8:07 AM
Politicians love Keynesian economics because it tells them they can "do something about it" and not only that, the something they can do involves spending money they don't have which can be used to target groups of voters they want to woo. As far as a politician is concerned, what could be better? And why should they care if it doesn't work? Liberals always give more credit for trying than succeeding. So it does work... for them, just for no one else. Austrian economics, on the other hand, teach that there is no way a central entity can possibly know the economic preferences of the millions of players in the market, and that therefore they shouldn't try since attempting the impossible will inevitably have unintended consequences that only make matters worse. But to the leftist, not "trying" is the greatest sin, again, results be damned. Yellen is just another megalomaniacal leftist who thinks she can do the impossible, and so what if everyone else dies while she's trying.
But Derek, when people don't sign up, the hit is going to be taken by the private insurance companies. They will be forced out of business WHICH IS THE WHOLE AIM OF THE ACA!! Once the private health insurance industry is gone, they will be FORCED to go to a single payer system where the government pays benefits out of tax money (which, of course, is unsustainable, also, without much work by "death panels," etc) This is why defunding and taking out the ACA now is so important.
Is anyone stupid enough to believe a word this liar says? Sure, he'll negotiate after you first give him everything that would be up for negotiation. You think he'll "negotiate" to give any of it back?? LOL
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Are Guns the Problem?

Jim3013 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 8:17 AM
Dr. Williams is brilliant and right on target, again, as usual. He is one of the country's most prolific purveyor of common sense. Unfortunately, liberal/progressives live in a fairy tale world where common sense is the least common commodity there is. They run on emotion only, with no rational thought considered, and they feel fully justified if they try to do something, whether the results are terrible or worse. It's a crazy world we live in here in 21st century Americs.
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Baby Farming: Not Fair

Jim3013 Wrote: Oct 01, 2013 3:40 PM
You're right on target. It's disgusting to me that there is so little acceptance for anything. So long as there is some way to what someone wants, morality, ethics, considerations of right and wrong be damned. The ends justify the means. Where has that led us in this world so many times? Not to a good place, that's for sure.
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After the Massacre: The Blame Game

Jim3013 Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 8:22 PM
The big problem is the gun free zones! We've got to get rid of those silly things. All it takes is about 5-10% of the general, law-abiding public to carry concealed and you'll cut these types of incidents down to next to nothing. These crackpots want to shoot fish in a barrel, not get involved in situations where the victims might be able to shoot back. Just look at the list of shooting sites here; gun free zones every one.
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Obama Lied, My Health Plan Died

Jim3013 Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 10:06 AM
You got that right. The crony "capitalists" lobby for "industry wide regulations" that they can afford but which kill their small business competition and allow them free rein in a very unfree marketplace. That's the Democratic party way. Campaign contributions from their cronies while they crush their competitors with regulations.
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