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A Time for Truth, Not Word Games

Jim3013 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 2:50 PM
Unfortunately, due to the education many citizens have received in the Government School system, the unvarnished truth doesn't sell too well. We have been told, "Surely a country that could put a man on the moon can provide free medical care for everyone who needs it," or "Surely a country that could put a man on the moon can do away with poverty if the 'rich' will just pay their fair share." Yet, the hard math is rarely ever done, and when it is, the people who do it are vilified as doomsayers, because, "Surely... etc. etc." If the citizenry of the U.S. cannot see that Obama is a virtual Communist, and that communism has brought nothing but misery and suffering wherever it has been tried, then they deserve what they get.
Eleanor32 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 3:37 PM
Unfortunately that includes me, and a whole lot of other people who know the "score" and didn't vote for Obama. We will have to suffer with those who are ignorant or willfully ignorant if Obama gets another try at the presidency. Yes, I deliberately used the word "try" because what he has done so far is play being president.rather than try to actually BE our president -- president of what once was a country that had a lot more freedom that we currently "enjoy".
Perhaps now, in the wake of the heat that Mitt Romney is taking over the leaked four month old “47 percent” video, he can better appreciate the position of Todd Akin.

Romney is being accused of writing off “47 percent” of voters as not paying taxes and “dependent upon government,” who “believe government has a responsibility to care for them.”

Of course Romney’s words, recorded behind closed doors at a fundraiser, were not, as he admitted, well chosen. No candidate would call half the electorate dead beats.

But when Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin used...