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An Amazing Love Story

Jim2278 Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 1:35 AM
Any Perps arrested yet Katie? Thanks.
Redistribution of wealth requires wealth which first requires the cherishing and protection of free minds, free markets, the rule of law and decisions made by the people NOT by the government via bribes and guns. You also need to revisit Robin Hood. He was working to recapture the wealth stolen from the people by a monopolistic, fuedal government. I think that Obama's mentors became familiar with Robin Hood, recognized that people like you did not 'get it' and so modeled their strategies after the Sheriff of Nottingham. Please also notice the right to bare arms. Or is that bear. You might also need to reread the story of Joseph and the Pharoah. After Joseph confiscated all of the people's wealth and passed it onto Pharoah, guess what
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