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Who Should Americans Trust as the Medicare Messenger?

jim2040 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 9:26 AM
And this is another glaring example of why the Democrats can't be trusted with managing the economy, the government or the military. Rather than address the problem and forge forward doing what is best for America, they lie, cheat, steal and continue to borrow money they don't have to buy votes. AARP is in the bag with Obama and they will make bizzilions, I stoped my membership maybe everybody else should.
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 10:09 AM
That's why I refer to them as DEMON know Rats are Rats be they four legged or two legged..Nasty and Dingy have proven that since 2006.
Candidates running for election who love to use fear mongering and scare tactics to persuade voters are usually hiding their incompetency. This election cycle is no exception, and it has never been more apparent than when it comes to debating the issue of Medicare.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill are constantly telling Americans that Republicans want to “End Medicare as we know it.” However, just by saying it does not make it true.

Republicans understand that America has a responsibility to its seniors to preserve and protect Medicare and we are committed to...