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The GOP and the "Working Class"

jim2040 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 9:39 AM
It's really pretty sad, actually, to listen to everyone try to make some sense out of Obama, what he wants and what he doesn't. Well, for the past four years he showed over and over he cares little for America or the Constitution, has no idea of who the middle class is and he could care less how much they are struggling. So, to hear folks try to make sense out of any of this is almost laughable but it isn't because real people are suffering. As long as he is in power and the Dmeocrats own Washington and the media, he doesn't care, it not about us, it never has been. So, we should see things for what they are and just hope and pray that it doesn't get much worse.

I've always taken exception to the term "working class" used to denote blue collar workers; my dad was a doctor and he was often at the hospital treating patients for 12 1/2 hours per day.  What about that isn't working?

Even so, Matt Lewis (once of Townhall) has an important piece in The Week, discussing the increasing demoralization of the working class (in the traditional sense of the term). It's a topic well worth the GOP's attention, not because "creative destruction" (and the failed lives and towns, etc. that accompany it) isn't an inevitable part of capitalism -- but because...