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Rick Santorum Redux?

jim2040 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 9:03 AM
You're kidding me right? I mean Obama hasn't even been inagurated for his second term and this is news. Stop it please, you're giving us a headache.

Say it isn't so.  Rick Santorum has announced that he is "open" to running in 2016

Please, please. NO.  Certainly, he is a good father and a good man.  But as I have argued before, Rick Santorum poses a great threat to the viability of social conservatism through his often-clumsy and inadvertently divisive framing of issues of great delicacy.  After an election in which the left -- with the eager complicity of the hyperventilating MSM -- caricatured social conservatism so effectively that it became "conventional wisdom" that Mitt Romney (who had a relatively moderate record) and Paul Ryan (who's...