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Planned Parenthood Not Using Phrase "Pro-Choice" Anymore

jim2040 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 9:13 AM
Isn't it just amazing that if the left just changes the words they think it's supposed to mean something different. I mean murder is murder whether it's pro-choice or premeditated and no matter what you call it the end result is the same. But I guess in todays dumbed down society regardless of what is said many still won't understand.

With support for abortion at an all-time low (41%), Planned Parenthood took a poll. After using a term that has been intentionally misleading for decades, now they say it is "confusing." The jig is up.

Better technology + pro-life education = less dead babies.

Ray Comfort's recent viral YouTube video on abortion has already reached 3,769,599 hits: