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Obama: "I'm Confident This [O'care Mandate] Will Be Upheld" -- Reporter Asks If American Exceptionalism Has Declined Since Obama Became President

jim2040 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 9:50 AM
I think, that, because Obama was the first black President, there were high expectations that he would do some positive things to remove any remaining racial barriers and would unite the country to one nation. Basically, Obama was supposed to be the smartest Black man in America and have the emotional courage to face the tough issues. The problem is that he isn't the smartest and and has proven to be an socialist ideolog and actually has tried at ever turn rto bring Ameerica to her knees. The problems he's caused or owns, from high unemployment to no energy policy, are just a few examples. He's actually created more race baiting than before his term.

This clip is fascinating, not just because of Obama's prediction regarding the individual mandate but for what is not said. The Q&A part of the press conference held today with Canada's PM Harper, Mexico's President Calderon and President Obama began with a question to all three men: Do you believe American exceptionalism has declined since Obama took office? Obama responded by saying that it could not decline because...wait for it...he spoke about American exceptionalism at the 2004 DNC! When the mic was turned to Harper and Calderon they spoke not a word on the decline of American exceptionalism since Obama!