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Every person that voted for this law needs to be thrown out of office, period. Anyone who would propose to support this, especially now after the reality of how devastating this bill is to business, is not for the middle class, the poor or anyone else except themselves.
It just never ceases to amaze me at the arrogance and sheer stupidity of these politicians. Let's face it we have law after law on the books and the real problem is that we don't enforce what we have. We have millions of illegals here now and the question is why and I think the simple answer is enforcement. But there can't be any enforcement until there is an effort made to do it and there is the problem no political will to do what is right. I think this whole immigration debate is just a cover for all the other bad stuff going on and Congress wants everyone to think they are doing something really important.
Boy oh boy, what profound analysis, reading and writing creates literacy, who would have thought that was important? Isn't it just amazing that these guys can't seem to understand that they are the ones creating a lot of todays problems and by allowing all the political correctness into the schools and dumbing down the curriculums makes things worse. But the answer always in some shape or form comes back to money and the more we spend the worse things become, and there lies the problem no one has the political will to fix what is actually broke.
Shut it down, walk away and let the Democrats defend their position. It is time for the Republicans to stand up for the party principles, and guess what, if it causes some heartburn, oh well, because if the bill is that good and does exactly what the Democrats say it will, put it into effect, now; no more delays, no more extensions or exceptions and let the chips fall where they may.
This bill, Obamacare, in itself, will be the one main thing Obama has done to really harm America. Instead of building up the social structure to create jobs and enable families to have a good life, these democrats have turned their backs on the middle class and they have created a bill that will force families further into poverty. The problem is that the unions want it both ways and maybe they finally will realize that big government really isn't their friend.
Beckel has been firm on this for some time and he echo's what many think, behind closed doors, on the left. How can anyone accept this concept of Jihad in the first place? But, at the end of the day what Beckel says matters little and until everyone wakes up and understands what is happening, the Muslims will continue to do their deeds and care less.
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Texas House Approves Abortion Bill

jim2040 Wrote: Jul 11, 2013 9:13 AM
This is a good first step in the process, I mean, please, how can anyone accept what Gosnell did as being ok? But, maybe someday, after all the fringe abortion techniques have been made illegal, maybe things will change. Lets face it the law won't stop the abortions and the people who want to abort their baby after 20 weeks will just go elsewhere and maybe over time all else where's will be gone.
Charles is right on the money on this and the majority of people not buying the fix better start making some noise and getting these bums out of office before it's too late. Step back for a second and just look at what we are doing to our kids and grandkids, just look at the mess we're pushing them into, every sensible American should be outraged at what is going on.
There has to be a line in the sand and once that line is crossed it has to be considered murder. This is just another example of the lefts ambitious efforts to let anyone do whatever they want no matter the consequences. But, I think, as a society, allowing guys like Gosnell to do what he did is similar to what the Nazi's did in WWII in the camps and across Europe. How can a society based on Christian values allow this to happen? There is something radically wrong to just allow somebody to kill a baby just because. These people who support these killings are the problem.
These people on MSNBC are just crazy. I mean who even cares what they say, and for sure, the only people who watch are just a bunch of left wingnuts who have no clue anyway.
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Dems Cut Big Business a Break

jim2040 Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 11:57 AM
This bill is a disaster and should be scrapped in it's entirety, period. But, at the end of the day, too many Americans are asleep and think Obama is looking out for their best interests, NOT and when this disaster hits Americans are going to be outraged.
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