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These people on the left are just off the reservation. I mean the Republicans are the bad guys, you know they want dirty air, yellow water, they want to kill babies, they are like Godzilla on steriods, yet it's these left wing nut jobs who are creating the problems and see themselves as the saviors, the ones who know better and blame everyone else for their failures.
What a class act, it's too bad we had to get stuck with a guy like Obama rather than someone like Dr. Carson. Today America would be a better place. But, I guess the silver lining is that Obama is singlehandly showing everyone why socialism is bad for America and the Democratic Party is the new American Communist party. And to those who do still support Obama, Lenin's coined phrase, necessary idiots, still applies.
Surprise, no one in the administration or the Democratic party cares. The more chaos and confusion, the higher the costs, the more stress, the better, because that will get them closer to their real goal of a single payer system. It's amazing to me that so many are still waiting for this hope and change to happen, yet, they can't see exactly what Obama promised is happeneing. Those whop support the democrats and Obama are the real enemies of the state.
You're absolutely correct and at the end of the day what Obama says won't matter anyway. Lets face it telling the truth just isn't one of Obama's qualities and what's the point of the interview in the firsty place, he's not going to say anything we don't already know and we know O'Reilly is just not going to press him to the wall for answers.
It is very obvious that the Democrats will do, say and act anyway they want knowing there will be no immediate retribution from the media. It's clear to me that H. Reid is a shallow, weasel of a man who someone justs needs to take on. But, at the end of the day what goes around comes around and I just hope the Republicans are smart enough to see what the democrats are doing and they retaliate when they have the chance. This is a despicable act by a devious and despicable party.
I thiink George W. was, as our President, and is a class act. It's pretty obvious he cares about America and still looks at life with a smile on his face.
It's amazing to me, everyone thinks they are comedians. Let face it, the guy in charge, the President, doesn't know about, get briefed, or is in the loop on one of the Parties most signifigant social engineering issues of the past century and he pleads ignorance, now that's really a good joke. I mean he allowed his name to be attached to the law, Obamacare, and he actually thought that was a great idea, but, now, it's not and he pulls a Colonel Klink and says he knows nothing; I can't stop laughing.
Well, it's pretty obvious that McCain is a giant in his own mind and has no clue of what the reality is. The best thing for John to do is retire.
These people are just pathetic and for the mainstream media to continue to cover the democrats backs is just obnoxious and wrong. This single biggest lie by the Obama administration, you can keep your plan, doctor and coverage, is simply, the worst lie ever told by any president. Benghazi was very, very big, this one is humongous.
One thing is very clear, Priebus is an establishment Republican and the one thing the Republicans don't do well is trying to win. They just seem top say oh well and walk away. What is very clear is that they are playing right into the Democrats hands by not listening to the voters and it's obvious both sides of the aisle need to be very nervous in 2014. Obamacare is toxic and those who stand with Obama are going to get blistered.
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