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A Battle of Intellects -- and Temperaments

jim2040 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 9:08 AM
Biden reminded me of the Joker and, again, the moderator was weak and for sure biased towards Biden. I stopped counting the number of times she interrupted Ryan, after I was at about 40, and sometimes in mid sentence. She did it a couple of times to Biden but not even close. One thing that I think is that the way Biden acted; arrogant, lying, condesending, rude, and sometimes childish, resembles the exact way the Obama administration has been for the past almost four years. The only way to end the B.S. is to vote these guys out in November.

Everyone already knew Paul Ryan has a first-class intellect.  Tonight, he proved that he has a first-class temperament, too.  That's what was required to tolerate the histrionics trotted out by Joe Biden.  Granted, everyone's always known Biden's got something quite a bit dimmer than a first-class intellect; tonight, he tried to compensate by bringing heat where he can't shed light.  As a result, he was grinning, snorting, smirking, sighing, grimacing, interrupting -- and winding the whole thing up with a whine about Paul Ryan's time (when he himself had actually gotten more).  Perhaps the creepiest part was his mugging through the...