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This is why it's great living in a small town. I don't have to worry about the politicians having enough bribe money to attract the games here that will cost us millions upon millions in lost revenue.
I'd rather deny science than be devoid of all intelligence.
Did you make that up yourself? Or did you just copy the other twenty similar comments and turn it around? Never mind, I already know.
Well, lets see. From a presidential standpoint Obama is a war veteran.....wait. He's not. But Clinton w\was definitely a veteran. Oh wait, he wasn't either. Well I know Carter was. Yes! He was in the Navy. And is still officially known as the worst president ever. At least for now. Then you have LBJ who also was in the Navy. A lot of people believe he became president because the man he proceeded wouldn't play ball with the powers to be so Johnson became president on the promise of a war. Kennedy, the man that preceded Johnson and was assassinated, was also a Navy man.I know because I saw a movie when I was a kid. Kennedy is now believed to have been a conservative by today's standards. He cut taxes to promote business and economic growth. Probably the last true democrat, to some people. He had no love of the soviets, Marxists, socialists or any other "ist" other than capitalists. The democratic presidents before Kennedy were true democrats. Not the socialist pigs calling themselves democrats today. Funny, that's when our country was at its strongest.
The twit that said debt is a good thing is probably from the FICO branch of the leading banks. The only people that are at fault here are the colleges and universities. They sit on billion dollar endowments then turn around and charge a student's future for an average education. Harvard and it's $65B budget can let every student attend for free with room and board and not even make a dent in its endowment. The interest alone would fund the school.
But if Putin is available the students would love him and roll out the red carpet. Freaking higher education does nothing but lower a person's IQ.
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Clueless Jay Carney Gets Laughed At

Jim1Flyer Wrote: May 04, 2014 12:29 AM
So the press sat there and laughed, big deal. When is the press going to start doing their job and going after the truth? I'm positive that if Obama was a republican the press would be all over him like white on rice. Between Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal and countless other "missteps" by this administration that haven't been covered by the MSM I have a hard time even listening to the them for anything other than the weather.
None of this matters. While I give kudos to Karl for trying, until his network and all the MSM stop carrying the water for this administration and do their job the public won't know a thing about the fact that their president and his staff are liars. Carney actually believes people are that stupid, he's still blaming a video. UFR!
Can anyone out there take on New Jersey who has the same laws Orange County had that some public official get to choose who carries a gun. The only people in this state that are given CC permits or any permit to carry are cops or retired cops. Completely against the Constitution but this state is overrun with progressive/socialists and will never vote to over rule any gun restrictions.
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