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The Right Isn't Waving A White Flag

Jim1566 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 5:13 PM
It is perfectly all right for you to feel that someone is slighting you. However if you felt that you could influence someone to believe that you were anything other than a bigot yourself you may not have succeeeded as admirably as you wished. It would do conservatism more good to prove that it finds the culture of identity irrelevant than making it an issue. No new conservatives will be attracted to a cause that attempts to sell itself with vitriol and hatred.

The conservative Gotterdammerung is finally here. "Like dazed survivors in a ravaged city, America's conservatives are wailing and beating their collective breasts," opines the Economist's "Lexington" columnist. "A leading conservative thinker," asked by the Economist to "list today's conservative ideas, laughs bitterly and replies, 'Are there any?'"

Former Reaganite Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.) laments in the conservative journal Policy Review, "I have never been so concerned about the future of conservative ideas."

A Washington Post columnist announced that "the long descent of the Republican Party into irrelevance, defeat, and perhaps eventual disappearance" has finally begun. William Kristol of the Weekly Standard...