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George McGovern: A Conservative's Appreciation

Jim1465 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 5:59 AM
Kudos to you, Mr. Thomas. This column showed decency, kindness, humility and intelligence. I didn't know about your friendship with George McGovern---the man who made me politically aware and conscientious. He was truly a great man and exemplified what true "conservatism" meant in the very best sense of the word. It speaks very well of you to write such a generous tribute. Thank you, so very much. Peace to you and yours.
Former South Dakota Democratic Senator George McGovern, who died Sunday, had all manner of evil said about him because of his opposition to the Vietnam War. He was called unpatriotic, disloyal, an appeaser and an enabler of communism. Those were the printable slanders.

Many conservatives at the time believed in the "domino theory," that if South Vietnam fell to the communists, all Asia would follow. That proved untrue. McGovern was eventually vindicated in many minds about America's involvement in Vietnam.

I will remember him for something other than his politics. George McGovern was a friend.

After his Senate...