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She’s Back! Infamous Michigan Bureaucrat Now Tells ‘Incapable’ Parents to ‘Stay Informed’

Jim134 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 5:34 PM
She is as good as Obama was in his 2008 campaing. He was in a classroom and told us all to turn off the TV and read to our kids. I know that before Obama was born, and he has been as arrongant as this stupid principal with the American People. I really think that his point was a racial clue to the blacks. He was making fun of white people that expect their children to behave and learn, not like the majority of black kids that have parents that just don't care.

Debbie Squires, the infamous Michigan Elementary/Middle School Principals Association bureaucrat who told a Michigan legislative committee that parents may not know what is best for their children is now saying they should “stay informed” and “voice their concerns to legislators,” according to

Squires was addressing a group focused on school aid and urged attendees to talk to legislators to stop school choice legislation, such as the parent trigger or expanded for-profit options.

Earlier this year, Squires came under fire for telling the House Education Committee that while parents may want what is best for their children, they may not...