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Obama and the Fourth Estate

Jim134 Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:47 AM
Our servicemen die and Obama lies. Sounds very similar to LBJ. LBJ tried to have me killed in Vietnam, and I used to think that he was the worst president ever. LBJ is now tied by Obama, and the future will tell who will be the winner of the worst award.

Where is Wilford Brimley when America needs him? The national security failure exposed by the Benghazi bungle has all of the intrigue and more of the movie, Absence of Malice, starring Paul Newman and Sally Field.

Brimley steals the closing scene as the righteously riled deputy attorney general come to clean house in the aftermath of unbridled political ambition, corruption, cover-up, and press malpractice, resulting in the libelous ruin of an innocent man and the death of his vulnerable best friend who tried to save him.

Brimley’s character sternly advises the assembled and anxious scoundrels:

“We’ll go...