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Will Holder investigate the abuses of civil rights of the looted and burned business owners? Probably not because the culprits are black. We have stupid leaders letting stupid people do stupid things with no consequences.
Pelosi is nothing more than a lying two faced person who happens to be in Congress. She also says some really dumb things and then lies about them later. Then she plays the Boo Hoo Card. Don't you all feel sorry for Nancy.
What's one more lie from the liar in chief. I feel sorry for the folks that believe what he says rather than their lying eyes.
What else would you expect from Obama and Holder? These two are the biggest identity frauds in the world.
Stupid blacks doing stupid things. I used to care, but Stupid is as Stupid does.
I am so glad that Howard Dean is not my doctor.
Holder and Obama are no better than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. All of them are just thugs who happen to be leaders of black racists. It is hard not to be hateful of all blacks when Obama and Holder just stir up trouble because they are black and in a position to do so.
Obama and his staff think that they have all the answers and don't know that they don't know what the answers are You cannot deal with this type of personal disorder. Besides at this point in time who really cares what Obama has done or not done. We survived Clinton and we will survive this racist.
What a great pairing of liars and cheats when you put McCaskill and Reid in the same article.
Reid is a lying SOS.
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Stop Disease at the Border

Jim134 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 8:46 AM
When has Obama ever thought of protecting American Citizens?
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