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This guy is just another liar in the Obama administration. His response to the situation of the IRS is pure fabrication.
This guy will say and do anything that is deceptive to further his agenda or Hillary's. They are both bad for the country and good for themselves.
If you ran a dog against McCaskill for dog catcher, the dog will win. She the most ineffective Senator in the Senate and is a big embarrassment to Missouri. She also lied about not supporting the Dream Act.
President Obama just does not know the answer. He is one of those folks that thinks he has the answers, but doesn't know that he doesn't know them. There is no way to reason with someone like him. Even if his wife and daughters were killed by Muslims, he would not be able to put in words what is really true.
Don't ever let facts get in the way of a political agenda.
Today's news media leaders are just chicken sh......
I sincerely hope that Ezra is wrong.
It is a fact the Mohammed was a pedophile, and it is a fact that three Muslims killed those folks in Paris. Does the AP report the facts or just opinions not based upon fact?
Just some more lies from the spokesman for the liar in chief.
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Al Sharpton's Magical Mystery Tour

Jim134 Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 3:12 PM
And Obama in a recent interview stated that race relations in this country are better than they were six years ago. Already, we hear the lies to support his coming legacy that Obama is the best president ever.
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