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There are a lot of nyt best sellers that I wouldn't think are fare for children nor for adults. Just because thee can hawk a ton of books does not an author make. And the reason you shouldn't is because it is peddling porn to children. I would think that you, supposedly being an adult, would know that without someone having to explain it to you.
J, you ask: "does it help 19 Minutes's case that the extramarital sex has horrible consequences for both involved? That it would be impossible to read the book and think Piccault was recommending premarital sex?" I, therefore, have to ask, could the scene not have been couched in less offensive terms? Was it not incumbent upon the author, if this book was made for your impressionable children, to generalize rather than to make it explicit? Decorum. You might want to look up that word.
Suppose that would mean anything to those who voted for him (over and over again)? Suppose that would mean anything to those who engineered his election? No, there are smart liberals [some of whom are elected (with the exception of this and a few other dupes) and/or those running campaigns and the bureaucracy] who use the rest of them (the mass of unwashed fools who really do believe in liberalism) to get themselves into positions of power. As long as the ones in power can reach into your pocket and give what they steal to those unwashed fools they will always be in power.
Her election merely proves that there are loads of liberals (read: fools) out there. She and they are on the same intellectual plane. She is the product of her environment. Seems to me, seeing what is coming out of colleges these days, that we, as a society, are sliding more and more toward her mindset. After all, we elected then re-elected what we have in the white house didn't we?
I would suggest the following: The local school board should have one or two volunteer teachers sent through the state or local police academy and be made sheriff deputies or local city police officers that have arrest powers and who are then able to carry a weapon. These officers/teachers would then be able to teach their classes and yet be available for police duties within the school. It wouldn't hurt to have them ride a beat for a few months during the summer either. Just to let them know what being an officer is really about and to give them experience in that job.
Having lived over 63 years and having been subjected to the likes of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Geraldo Rivera (real name is Jerry Rivers), et al., I have come to the conclusion that if he carries the title 'journalist' he is definitely a liar.
If one lies when one says one "never lie" is it then a lie? Is that like saying I never don't lie? Just asking.
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