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Hollywood Bogeymen versus Real Evil

Jim1050 Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 9:32 AM
Someone coming out of the closet is Hollywood's idea of courage.
Sure they are, but one without the Castros.
I guess that according to Howard Dean that neither George Washington nor James Monroe were well educated enough to hold the presidency. From his own party, and more recently, there's Harry Truman.
I have friend with the state highway patrol and he does the same thing.
You'd lose that bet. I know a number of cops and nearly all support concealed carry.
Have another glass of Kool Aid, comrade.
Have another glass of Kool Aid, comrade.
It should have been in a holster on Mom's hip, rather than locked up.
No they aren't. They are tightly restricted though.
He does. That's why he keeps running these.
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