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The GOP have been losing elections on purpose. They like the "status quo". They like the power and benefits that come with being politicians, without alienating enough voters to vote them out of office. They campaign on conservative principles and then, when elected, follow the same liberal policies that keep Dems in power. The are very few" true conservatives" in Congress. When one gets elected, he/she is made into a scapegoat in the party. If the GOP really followed conservative principles, then would seek to make Congress abide by the laws and policies they set for everyone else. However, politicis wouldn't be as lucrative a "career" as it is now and there wouldn't be as many people spending millions to get a 170,000 dollar "job".
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Jim1048 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 9:07 AM
I have come to the conclusion that the GOP is losing elections ON PURPOSE! Most of the so-called "conservative" republicans are content to let the liberals win elections because they like the power they have over people and want to stay in office, not to advance conservative principles, but to make more money and get more power. They realize that they can't espouse "raising taxes" and "government dependence" without losing their own jobs, so they quietly support people they know will lose elections. Unfortunately, there are few true "conservatives" in Congress. These people are vastly out-numbered by true "politicians" (people that love the power and the money that they can amass while in office).
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