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Awesome news. I remember her slightly insane fairy tale wedding like it was yesterday: http://mankabros.com/blogs/chairman/2010/08/02/chelsea-clintons-wedding/
That's too bad - this should be the official song of Scottish Independence defeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4vUQODzVNw
This is a bad time to open a Theme Park in Yemen: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/09/10/yemen-theme-park-is-a-horrible-idea/
This is the absolute worst time for an American company to build a theme park in Yemen - yet one Hollywood company is going to try: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/09/10/yemen-theme-park-is-a-horrible-idea/
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Yes, I Hate the Cable Company Too

JillKennedy Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 1:46 AM
And it's all for this - a bunch of loser TV executives trying to come up with ideas that America might like. So depressing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xeJgwDxVL4
He's pretty much destroying himself. He did a lot of bad things and he's paying the price. On top of the trouble he is in in New Jersey, according to 88-year-old blogger Lester Aldrich, he may be in trouble in the Afterlife - because he committed every one of the 7 Deadly Sins: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/01/22/christie-and-mcdonnell-nailed-all-the-seven-deadly-sins/
Pope Francis has jumped the shark: http://mankabros.com/blogs/god/2013/12/11/has-pope-francis-jumped-the-shark/
Chris, dude, it's over - you will never be President. If you don't believe me, believe 88 year old blogger Lester Aldrich - he's never wrong about these things... http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/01/15/chris-christie-needs-to-give-up/
Pope Francis has totally jumped the shark... http://mankabros.com/blogs/god/2013/12/11/has-pope-francis-jumped-the-shark/
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