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There are bad in the world and they must be portrayed as bad people (in comedies and dramas). We cannot allow them to escape scrutiny and harsh criticism just because we are afraid of what they might do to us. What will HBO do when the creepy heads of Scientology come after them for their movie about what really happens in that brainwashing factory? http://mankabros.com/blogs/onmedea/2012/07/02/the-end-of-scientology/
Sony executives needed to nut up and face the music and take full responsibility for everything - be defiant in fighting back against those who hack their computers and release the movie in the face of these faux threats from a very weak villain. Here's a mogul from another media company who said he was keeping his company jet even though there were heavy headcount reductions. If you run a business you must run your business and not be a loser: http://mankabros.com/blogs/chairman/2014/10/10/i-am-not-giving-up-the-jet/
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A Bridge Too Far

JillKennedy Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 1:30 AM
Make no mistake, China will NOT do what they say they will do with this agreement. China remains one of the most corrupt and untrustworthy countries in the world and American companies are foolish to continue to try to crack that nut. Hollywood Studios are proving to be the most gullible - signing deal after deal thinking they are getting access to 1.3 billion people: http://mankabros.com/blogs/chairman/2014/09/25/manka-bros-announces-huge-joint-venture-in-china/
Awesome news. I remember her slightly insane fairy tale wedding like it was yesterday: http://mankabros.com/blogs/chairman/2010/08/02/chelsea-clintons-wedding/
That's too bad - this should be the official song of Scottish Independence defeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4vUQODzVNw
This is a bad time to open a Theme Park in Yemen: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/09/10/yemen-theme-park-is-a-horrible-idea/
This is the absolute worst time for an American company to build a theme park in Yemen - yet one Hollywood company is going to try: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/09/10/yemen-theme-park-is-a-horrible-idea/
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Yes, I Hate the Cable Company Too

JillKennedy Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 1:46 AM
And it's all for this - a bunch of loser TV executives trying to come up with ideas that America might like. So depressing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xeJgwDxVL4
He's pretty much destroying himself. He did a lot of bad things and he's paying the price. On top of the trouble he is in in New Jersey, according to 88-year-old blogger Lester Aldrich, he may be in trouble in the Afterlife - because he committed every one of the 7 Deadly Sins: http://mankabros.com/blogs/those_damn_kids/2014/01/22/christie-and-mcdonnell-nailed-all-the-seven-deadly-sins/
Pope Francis has jumped the shark: http://mankabros.com/blogs/god/2013/12/11/has-pope-francis-jumped-the-shark/
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